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Low-income immigrants and refugees often face many hurdles, everything from putting food on the table to understanding English. Here at Just Neighbors, we know that immigrants and refugees in our community are striving to achieve their own version of the American Dream. That’s why Just Neighbors offers compassionate immigration legal services. To us, compassion means you can speak to a real person when you call our office; during your appointment, our volunteers and staff will listen to your story and hear your needs and our attorneys will offer trustworthy advice and assistance with your immigration situation.

The compassion and professionalism that we strive to provide to our clients is not possible without the help of our volunteers. Just Neighbors relies on volunteers to help us with telephone intakes, interpretation, case work and more. Volunteers allow us to double the number of clients we can serve. Volunteerism also forges connections and mutual understanding between immigrant and non-immigrant community members resulting in a stronger and closer community for all.

The impact of a client receiving immigration legal services from Just Neighbors is felt not just by the client themselves but by the many generations who through legal status gain more stability and resources. Businesses also benefit from Just Neighbors’ work because they gain dedicated community members who are now authorized to work. When one member of our community gains independence, financial stability, safety, and assurance, the entire community benefits. The impact of Just Neighbors immigration legal services affects all of us.