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Our Mission & Vision

Housing Initiative Partnership, Inc. (HIP) develops innovative affordable housing, revitalizes neighborhoods, and equips people to achieve their housing and financial goals.

HIP’s vision is that every person lives in high-quality affordable housing in a thriving community.

HIP’s Core Values

We are innovative: Whether it’s implementing the latest green building technology or launching cutting-edge programs, HIP is nimble, collaborating with others to respond to evolving needs. Key to this is the flexibility and autonomy we give to our staff so they can dare to innovate!

We value our integrity: HIP holds itself to the highest ethical standards. Our friends and partners know they can rely on us to be responsible stewards of their investments, and our clients know we will honor their trust.

We believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion: HIP is committed to ensuring that our staff and board reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. We work to eliminate racial and systemic inequalities that contribute to housing disparities.

We always go the extra mile: HIP’s staff is tenacious. Working with our clients and partners, we go to great lengths to find solutions to difficult problems.

We believe in the strength and capability of those we serve: HIP meets its clients where they are, and walks in partnership with them on their journey to housing and financial security.

We believe our staff is our greatest strength: HIP cultivates a compassionate and creative work culture. We intentionally foster a positive work/life balance and invest in our team’s professional growth.